DANI Large Candle - Lemongrass Lavender

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Our best-selling soy candle is now nearly twice the size. It’s perfect for larger spaces and burns approximately 100 hours. DANI’s natural 100% soy candles are scented using only essential oil blends, for an incredibly uplifting, aromatic experience. 

  • Size: 14oz
  • Clean burning, 100% pure soy wax 
  • Long burning (50% longer than paraffin candles)
  • Soot-free thanks to a low burn temp & our pure cotton wick
  • Vegan & eco-friendly
  • Recyclable packaging
  • No paraffin, artificial fragrances, colors or dyes
  • Hand-filled & made in Bend, Oregon with love

Lemongrass Lavender is a calming blend of soothing lavender and sweet lemongrass partnered with notes of bergamot, geranium and rosemary. The best way to relax your stress away. (Expert tip: this scent also acts as a natural bug deterrent - perfect to burn outdoors in the summer!)

The Skinny on Soy:  Soy beans have been called "the miracle crop" because they can be grown for so many things - human food, animal feed, fuel, and many other non-food products - like DANI Scented Soy Candles. They're a completely renewable resource and the United States is the largest grower of soy beans in the world... so burning soy candles actually helps support American farmers.

Unlike paraffin candles - which often use metal in their wicks - soy's lower burn temperature allows DANI to use 100% cotton wicks. This keeps the air in your space toxin-free and creates candles that burn up to 50% longer!