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    June Happenings at Oregon Body & Bath

    June Happenings at Oregon Body & Bath

    We are swinging into summer and the shop is bustling with fun new products and all the old favorites too. Here are a few specials and dates you won't want to miss!

    June 1-10: Teacher Appreciation
    Recognize all the achievements of the school year with a teacher gift, and we'll add in a small scented lotion as our gift to you - and we love to gift wrap (at no charge!)

    June 2: First Friday Art Walk

    Celebrate the start of summer with an evening browse through beautiful Downtown Bend. We'll be featuring all our locally made products with special pricing, and serving up delicious baked goods from Bad Wolf (along with a little bubbly!)

    June 11-18: Get Ready for Father's Day
    Dads work hard and play hard, so why not choose a gift that helps them live life a little softer? Check out our shaving soaps and beard oils, balms for hard working hands, spa robes and whiskey candles. We'll add a free gift to your purchase, and wrap it too.

    May 5th First Friday in Downtown Bend

    May 5th First Friday in Downtown Bend

    May is full of delights: spring flowers, fresh breezes, and sunshine that stretches into evenings. What better way to usher in those May delights than by enjoying the First Friday Art Crawl in historic Downtown Bend?

    This month we're excited to feature Notions of Lovely as our local artist. Marie will be showcasing her handmade jewelry collection of beautiful, delicate pieces that complement casual or dressier looks. She also creates casting of natural objects for unique dimensional wall hangings.

    Stop in for some fun conversation, a browse through the shop, check out the art, and have a little bubbly! And to kick off the summer, all local products will be at special pricing for our First Friday event!

    Argan Oil to the Rescue

    Argan Oil to the Rescue

    What can solve just about any skin issue, tames wild flyaway hair, and keeps nails in great shape as well? The answer comes from an oil extracted from the kernels of the argan tree.

    Argan oil is native to Morocco, and it has been used for health and beauty for centuries. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it keeps skin supple and glowing, while promoting healing of dry patches and acne. The oil's antioxidants provide anti-aging benefits as well.  Be aware that Argan Oil products vary greatly, from chemical-laden concoctions that hold only a tiny amount of the real oil. Instead, look for pure products such as the Pre de Provence Argan OIl, which is free of parabens, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, and DEA.

    Argan Oil makes beauty easy! Rub a few drops onto your hands, then run fingers lightly through the hair for a silky, manageable style. A few drops massaged onto the face gives an instant dewy complexion. The tiny bit left on the fingertips leaves nails conditioned and cuticles soft. It's an instant refresh!

    In addition to the oil, try the Argan Body Butter, Foaming Shower Gel, and bar soap.


    Shea Butter: Make it part of your skin care routine

    Shea Butter: Make it part of your skin care routine

    Sometimes ingredient labels are so small that we have to reach for reading glasses, but it's always worth the effort to know what products we are putting on our skin. One ingredient to look for is shea butter, an ivory-colored fat extracted from the nuts of a west African tree. Why do we look for shea butter in our products?

    In soaps, shea butter adds excellent moisturizing for skin. It does not saponify like other plant oils, so it's great skin conditioning abilities don't get broken down. Soaps with shea butter, like the Pre de Provence Green Tea bar pictured here, keep skin soft and supple as well as clean.

    Natural shea butter contains an abundance of fatty acids and vitamins that restore and condition skin, plus anti-inflammatory properties. We love it in both body lotions from DANI Naturals and hand lotions from Barr-Co. In addition, shea butter has a natural SPF factor of between 6 and 10. Barr-Co's lip balm has boosted that sunblock, which makes it perfect for year-round use here in sunny Central Oregon.

    Next time you stop in to Oregon Body & Bath, don't hesitate to read our labels. We think you'll like what you see!



    Vitamin C in Skin Care

    Vitamin C in Skin Care

    You drink Vitamin C in juice, you eat Vitamin C in kale, and now you can bring it's healthy goodness directly to your skin. As experts explain in Glamour Magazine (check out the excerpt below, or read the entire article here)

    Our favorite source of Vitamin C for skin? Angelina's Ultra-C Serum.

    Vitamin C-based skincare has exploded lately. While it's been popular within the beauty industry for a while now, these recent months have seen a new influx of amazing products which help to boost the skin from the outside-in!

    Linda Blahr, Head of National Training at SkinCeuticals, explains how the vitamin C skincare trend has risen: "L-Ascorbic acid (better known as Vitamin C) is essential for humans as we cannot synthesize it by ourselves. People used to implement Vitamin C in their daily diet by eating vegetables & fruits with a high concentration of Vitamin C."

    She continues: "However, the skin is the last organ being addressed within the digestion process, so there was a gap of a ‘topical Vitamin C’ formulations that work efficiently within the skin’s metabolism.

    So while supplements work well for the body's organs, skincare supplies the skin with an instant hit of vitamin D. But why is this so crucial? "[Vitamin C] supports and strengthens skin cells to fight against environmental aggressors such as UV, IR and pollution that are the main culprit of oxidative stress in skin," says Linda. She also points out that without vitamin C, there is no collagen production. It therefore acts as a great collagen booster, making skin look firmer and fresher.