Bend Soap Goat Milk Lotion - Lavender

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The all-natural moisturizer for all skin types. Formulated to soothe and nurture even the most sensitive skin, our goat milk lotion delivers a burst of goat milk, hydrating oils, and vitamin E — everything your skin needs to stay hydrated, soft, and healthy. Made without synthetic preservatives, drying ingredients, or chemical ingredients, each application will offer you silky smooth all-day hydration to help relieve dry, itchy skin for good. 
This Lavender Goat Milk Lotion has a light, refreshing lavender scent that helps promote a tranquil mind while our rich ingredients help nourish your skin.
  • The gentle lavender scent helps promote a tranquil mind while hydrating your skin from the inside out
  • Inspired by our popular Lavender Blossom and Hint of Lavender Goat Milk Soaps
  • Made with goat milk and infused with natural and organic lavender scent
  • 8 fl oz