If you’re looking for a way to achieve glowing, youthful skin, then exfoliating is a great place to start!

Here are our Top 5 reasons why we exfoliate:

1. It removes dead skin cells

Most people are familiar with the term ‘exfoliation’ but aren’t quite sure what it means. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most common is using an exfoliating scrub. Our all-time favorite scrub is Dani Natural's Sugar Scrub. Exfoliating scrubs contain small, abrasive particles that work to gently remove dead skin cells.

Exfoliation is a crucial step in any skincare routine as it helps to slough away dead skin cells that can build up on the surface of the skin. This build-up of dead skin cells can lead to a number of skin concerns, such as an uneven skin texture, dullness, and even breakouts. In addition to using an exfoliating scrub, you can also exfoliate your skin by using a chemical exfoliant or dry brushing.

2. It can help improve your skin’s texture and tone

Exfoliating is a great way to improve the texture and tone of your skin. Dead skin cells can easily accumulate on the surface of the skin, creating an uneven, dull-looking complexion. When you exfoliate, you’re removing these dead skin cells, revealing fresh and radiant skin underneath.

Additionally, exfoliating helps to reveal your natural skin tone and texture. When these dead skin cells are removed, your skin is better able to absorb moisture and other skincare products. This can help improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

It’s important to remember that exfoliation and scrubbing your skin too hard with harsh exfoliants can irritate your skin. Therefore, it’s important to choose gentle exfoliants or products with natural ingredients such as sugar which is another reason why our go-to is Dani’s All-Natural Sugar Scrub.

3. It can help reduce the appearance of pores

Clogged pores are a common skin concern amongst many, but exfoliating can help reduce their appearance. When you exfoliate, you’re removing dirt, oil, and other impurities that can get trapped in your pores. This helps to unclog them and reduce their size.

Additionally, exfoliating encourages skin cell turnover, as it helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells. This reduces the appearance of pores and can help improve the overall look of your skin.

It’s important to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type. Gentle, natural exfoliants such as sugar and oatmeal are usually best for those with sensitive skin. For those with oily skin, using an exfoliant with ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid can be helpful in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

 4. It can help brighten your skin

Another major benefit to exfoliating your skin is its ability to brighten it. Different exfoliating agents can achieve this in different ways. For example, chemical exfoliants like alpha and beta hydroxy acids help brighten skin by breaking down the bonds between dead skin cells so they can be easily washed away. As a result, your skin can appear brighter and more radiant.

 Physical exfoliants like sugar, coffee, or oatmeal can also work to brighten skin by scrubbing away the buildup of dead skin cells. Plus, their slightly abrasive nature can help remove any hidden dirt and oil that may be clogging pores and causing dullness.

 Regardless of exfoliant type, the act of exfoliating can help brighten your skin’s overall complexion and give you a more radiant and healthy-looking glow.

5. It can help your skin better absorb moisturizer and other products

Exfoliating your skin not only helps you achieve brighter and healthier-looking skin, but it can also help you improve your product absorption. In other words, it can help your skin better absorb moisturizers and other products.

When a buildup of dead skin cells accumulates, your skin can start to clog, leading to an ineffective barrier that can make it difficult for your skin to absorb all of the amazing benefits of face and body products. By exfoliating away this layer, you can create a new, healthier one that’s better suited for product absorption.

What’s more, exfoliating regularly can help reduce the appearance of dryness and reveal a healthier, smoother layer of skin that can better accept the hydrating agents in moisturizers and other skin products.


Written by Lauren Kelling

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