Shea Butter: Make it part of your skin care routine

Sometimes ingredient labels are so small that we have to reach for reading glasses, but it's always worth the effort to know what products we are putting on our skin. One ingredient to look for is shea butter, an ivory-colored fat extracted from the nuts of a west African tree. Why do we look for shea butter in our products?

In soaps, shea butter adds excellent moisturizing for skin. It does not saponify like other plant oils, so it's great skin conditioning abilities don't get broken down. Soaps with shea butter, like the Pre de Provence Green Tea bar pictured here, keep skin soft and supple as well as clean.

Natural shea butter contains an abundance of fatty acids and vitamins that restore and condition skin, plus anti-inflammatory properties. We love it in both body lotions from DANI Naturals and hand lotions from Barr-Co. In addition, shea butter has a natural SPF factor of between 6 and 10. Barr-Co's lip balm has boosted that sunblock, which makes it perfect for year-round use here in sunny Central Oregon.

Next time you stop in to Oregon Body & Bath, don't hesitate to read our labels. We think you'll like what you see!