Say Hurray for Shea!

Central Oregon is High Desert country, and if you didn't know that before you got here you'd learn it very quickly as your skin dried and parched from the arid air. The more we hike, ski and bike out in the sun and wind, the more we crave a luscious lotion to restore the hydration in our skin.

We get pretty serious about good skin lotions here at Oregon Body and Bath, and that means reading ingredient labels. One ingredient to look for is shea butter - it's a standard when you are seeking a quality body product that will hydrate.

Shea butter is a triglyceride, or a fat, that is extracted from the nut of the shea tree native to West Africa. It's an edible product that can be used as a cooking oil, but outside of West Africa it's most often used in cosmetics and body products. Cultivating shea nuts and extracting the butter is the basis of many sustainable economies in countries like Mali, and Senegal.Pre de Provence Shea Butter

Like any nut oil, shea butter can vary wildly in quality. The less processed the better, and price can reflect both the quality and the quantity of the shea butter in a lotion or other bath product.At Oregon Body and Bath we love the shea butter soaps and lotions from Pre de Provence, the shea body butter in our own private label, and the Mixture bath bombs that release shea into the bath water along with fantastic fragrance.