Protect Your Skin All Summer Long

Summer Beauty Essentials

How wonderful is it to wake up to a warm breeze in the sweet summertime? Knowing the days are filled with possibilities. A good summer season usually comes with plenty of adventures, big and small, all of which require us to pay a little extra attention to our skin.

There are many elements during the summer that can be harsh on your skin. For example, the weather can be very dry, the sun can cause serious damage quickly and there is usually an occasional scrape from trail adventures.

Protecting your skin is incredibly important all year long. During the summer, be sure to proactively cleanse, moisturize and protect with quality beauty products. Here are a few of our favorite summer essentials that can help you get through the season with healthy, revitalized skin.

Moisturization is Key

The first thing that comes to mind when protecting your skin is sunscreen. However, there is so much more that goes into protecting your skin from sun up to sun down. We’re kicking off this guide with moisturizing body washes, lotions and creams to help create a nourishing foundation for your skin.

You can’t go a summer season without the goodies from Archipelago. Their body washes and body lotions are incredibly moisturizing and they smell amazing. Archipelago products are made with quality ingredients and are free of parabens and sulfates. Their body washes remove toxins while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Start each day with soft, clean and hydrated skin, all summer long.

Don’t you hate the feeling of dry hands and fingers while you’re out and about? Whether you had to wash your hands with a very drying soap, or it’s just been awhile since you were able to moisturize, it’s no fun feeling like you need a drop of hand lotion and have nowhere to get it from. You need a hand cream that you can travel with, and trust to replenish moisture in your hands.

Archipelago makes an incredible Oat Milk Hand Cream. It’s especially helpful with dry skin during summer. Plus, it goes on without any greasy feels! It’s perfect for extra dry skin or chapped hands. Nourishing dried milk solids and gentle oat proteins are blended with thick, luxurious, award winning cream with aloe. This hand cream has one of the best moisturizing formulas that you can get.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

As you get ready for a long summer season, your skincare routine needs some extra love. We love and rely on Coola for all the ways we need to protect our skin.

Coola Sun Silk Drops are formulated with their plant-derived full spectrum 360° complex. What does that mean? They provide 360° of protection. The broad spectrum UVA/UVB protects and helps reduce the effects of HEV light (aka blue light), IR, and pollution.

If you need a safe way to protect your face from the sun, while also sporting a natural golden glow, look no further. Coola makes a Rosilliance SPF 30 BB+ Cream in various tints. This go-to summer essential is perfect for summer (and any other season) to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays while also boosting your confidence with a beautiful, natural looking glow.

Moreover, if you’re in need of a sun-kissed tan but don’t want to damage your skin and put your health at risk, Coola also makes sunless tan products. If you need something that works in hours then you can use their Organic Sunless Tan Express Sculpting Mousse. Plus, it’s made with concentrated caffeine which helps skin appear smoother and firmer.

Or if you’re looking to layer on a more subtle tan over time, you can use their Organic Sunless Tan Luminizing Body Serum. This serum can either be paired with their other sunless tan products or used on its own to create a beautiful tan over time. It’s rich in antioxidants and has a natural pina colada scent.

At the end of a long day, the Coola Vital Rush will help revitalize your skin with its natural energizing properties from Goji Berries and vitamin-rich Camu Camu extract. This combination creates a “vital rush” of concentrated nutrients to help renew and revitalize fatigued skin.

Repair From the Bottom Up

Whether you’ve been out to brunch followed by window shopping or if you’ve been hiking mountains and conquering summits, it’s very important to take care of the skin on your feet. We highly recommend Flip Flop Foot Repair. This summer essential is made of Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil, combined to create a perfect natural moisturizer for your feet. Flip Flop Foot Repair is sourced and made in the USA, and is small enough to keep one in your purse or in your care kit.

Healing Salves

Mrs. Greenbalm Healing Salves and Lip Balms are great to have at home and on-the-go all season long. The Healing Salve is an Organic Herbal Ointment. It is the perfect first aid salve for any flesh wound. It will moisturize and heal your skin back to a healthier state.

Carefully selected oils, herbs and essential oils in this formula invite the body to repair tissue quickly with minimal discomfort and microbial interference. We even carry it in two convenient sizes: one half ounce jar or a two ounce jar. The two ounce jar is perfect for tossing into your on-the-go medicine bag!

Additionally, Mrs. Greenbalm Lip Balm will keep your lips soft and even banish wrinkles. It uses the same wonderful recipe to provide a creamy and nourishing feel. Keep one in your car, purse, office, or anywhere else.

While summer provides a lot of happiness and relaxation, it comes with a few elements that can be harsh on our skin. It’s important to maintain a skincare routine all season long to combat dryness, sun damage, injuries and more. Although these products make our list for summer essentials, they also work great year-round to protect your skin. Stop by our shop in downtown Bend, Oregon to see our collection of skincare summer must-haves.