Fun-Filled Father's Day Gift Guide

Does anyone else have a hard time shopping for their dad?

They either seem to have it all or need absolutely none of it. Sometimes, going a little above and beyond the perfect gift, will make dad feel the love on his special day.

Father’s Day is right around the corner so we’ve put together this gift guide for dads to help you decide how to spend the day together.

Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

Does your dad soak up every available minute outdoors that he can? One great way to spend Father’s Day together would be in his element… the outdoors.

Find a hiking trail that he’s never done before or try a new outdoor sport like rock climbing or mountain biking that he’s always wanted to try.

Of course, don’t forget to throw in a gift or two that he might love (and need) for his outdoor explorations.

Pitstop Deodorant Powder - ok this might be a gift for everyone around dad… but he’ll still love it. This deodorant powder is made from 100% natural food grade ingredients that help cleanse and detoxify through sweating. A special blend of essential oils reduces odor and chaffing without the introduction of harmful toxins. So, dad can sweat without stinking up the trails.

Cedar Wood Bar Soap - When your dad is done with his outdoor adventures and needs a reset button, this Cedar Wood Bar Soap will freshen him up but still leave him feeling like he just stepped into the forest. It has a warm woodsy aroma that helps combat stress, ease tension, and improve focus. Plus, it actually has cedar wood oil that was extracted from the wood of the cedar tree by steam distillation. Come smell the goodness in the shop.

Gifts for Dads That Love to BBQ

At the family BBQ and cookouts, is your dad always standing over the burgers, spatula in-hand, ready for whatever the grill throws at him?

This Father’s Day, spoil your barbeque-loving dad with a mini cookout! Have the family come together and pick out a few nice cuts of meat from your local butcher. Here in Bend, Oregon, we have so many great options like Primal Cuts Market.

Before the cookout begins, give dad a little something to freshen up with…

The Somerset Toiletry Co - the Mr. Manly and Mr. Rugged hair and body wash. Not only will your dad smell great while he grills, but he’ll also love how efficient the 2-in-1 hair and body wash is. Stop by the shop to peruse these fun gifts.

AOS Skin Doctor Salve - another great Father’s Day gift is this healing salve. Barbeque-wiedling dads typically also suffer from dry, cracked hands. This healing salve from AOS works wonders to help restore the skin. This is the beauty product dad’s need but won’t buy themselves. Stop by the shop to pick one up!

A Relaxing Day for Dad

(And beauty gifts that he needs but probably won’t buy for himself)

When it comes to buying things for themselves, it seems like dads never spend a moment considering what beauty products they need.

Luckily, they have family like you to buy it for them as Father’s Day gifts. We recommend pairing these gifts with a relaxing day for Dad.

We know that moms typically get the relaxing spa days, but dads need them too!

However your dad likes to relax...

  • Golfing
  • Getting a massage at a spa
  • Gardening
  • Grabbing a beer at his favorite local brewery
  • Paddleboarding
  • Taking a walk around the neighborhood
  • Watching a good movie in the family room

Whatever it may be, spend the day relaxing, in his way. Plus, throw in a few of these gifts to really top the day off...

The Jack Black Beauty Line has everything that your dad needs. Jack Black prides themselves on developing superior skincare products for men. They have everything for face, body, shaving and hair.

We are thrilled to carry their line in our shop, come check them out.

You can mix and match for dad or go all out and spoil him with one of each. Shop beard lube, lip balm, facial cleanser and moisturizer and even a skin serum that he won’t be able to resist.

Archipelago Botanico de Havana - Archipelago makes this incredible line of body wash and body lotion for men called the Botanico de Havana. No dad has ever smelled better than after using these incredible products. Made from natural ingredients, it contains aromas of coffee, tobacco, oranges and pineapple.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

If you’re really unsure of how to spend the day with your dad, we think you can’t go wrong by throwing back old school.

Take dad out for some good old fashioned fun.

  • Take him to the batting cages
  • Go speed go kart racing
  • Play laser tag
  • Set up a field day in the park with his friends and their families

Everyone is a kid at heart and just the effort alone making him feel special will bring a tear to his eye (even if he wipes it away before anyone can see).

Pair this special day with the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Basket. We have put together some of dad’s favorite things in this sweet bundle.

This Father’s Day Basket will be an irresistible gift that he’ll be super excited to open!

This basket is filled with our best selling men's products that will treat him from head-to-toe!

  • Jack Black Lip Balm in natural mint with shea butter and SPF - Perfect for any dad that finds himself outside in the sun all summer.
  • Jack Black Conditioning Shave Cream with jojoba and eucalyptus - This is the type of shave dad’s usually pay for, but now enjoyed from home!
  • AOS Skin Doctor Salve to heal dry, cracked skin - Dads need products that can keep up with them, right? This salve will do exactly that.
  • The Perfect Man locally made bar soap - Typically, dads don’t think twice about their soap bars, but this bar from LeCol’s Soap Bar will leave him in awe.
  • Spinster Sisters Co. Muscle Rub to ease sore muscles - Whether your dad works out, works hard, or just finds himself with a few extra aches and pains these days, this muscle rub will be a gamechanger for him.

As always, when it comes to showing our parents love, it’s the thought that counts. By putting together something special, even if it’s small, it will mean the world to them. Throw in a special gift and your dad will be elated.

Have a safe and happy Father's Day!